R&D Support & Innovation

Increase the value of your products and services with open innovation and the latest grant assisted schemes for R&D Support. Leading companies are now outsourcing some of their R&D activity to expand resources and external creativity, making budgets go further.

PRA, now part of the Pera Innovation Network, has a highly developed process to access EU and national public funding overcoming the bureaucratic problems which companies may have faced in the past.

Our Value Proposition

funding for your new product Research and Development
a broad range of leading experts
new technical capabilities into your value chain
new routes to market
your investment and risk

Funding is available to your company from the European Commission (EC), as well as national governments. It can be used in a smart manner to avoid both the dilution of Intellectual Property (IP) normally associated with public grants and the loss of equity which is a natural consequence of private investment with partners.

Annually, the Pera Research Institutes provide

  • New product ideas potentially worth £2 billion
  • New, enabling technology for over 100 firms
  • Access to £150 million of funding for clients’ R&D
  • Access to 10,000 researchers to deliver clients’ R&D
  • Access to 1,700 firms to build clients’ value chains