Colour Measurement and Colour Control


Seeing Colour

  • Colour vision and the eye
  • The first stage of colour vision
  • Colour rendering by light sources
  • Metamerism
  • Defective colour vision
  • Colour illusions

Describing colour

  • The language of colour
  • The second stage of colour vision
  • Colour atlas's and colour order systems: Munsell, NCS and Pantone.
  • Photometric description of colour
  • Colorimetric description of colour

Creating colour

  • Additive colour mixing
  • Subtractive colour mixing
  • Colour and absorption/reflection spectra

Putting numbers to colours

  • CIE numerical colour specification (RGB, XYZ, L*u*v*, L*a*b*, L*C*h°)
  • Colour difference equations, including CIEDE2000
  • Colour measurement

    • Construction and operation of instruments
    • Measurement of materials
    • Accuracy and precision

    Uses of colour measurement

    • Quality control of coloured materials
    • Assessing the strength of colorants
    • Assessing the colour properties of colorants
    • Assessment of contamination
    • Assessment of fastness


This two day course provides foundation knowledge in the concepts, terminology and assessment methods used in colour science. The course includes presentations and tutorials supplemented by fully illustrated course material. In addition, practical exercises using viewing cabinets, colour measuring equipment and demonstration software are used to illustrate the link between the theoretical and the practical aspects of colour measurement and control.

Who should attend

The course is designed to be useful to those engaged in any industry where colour is of importance. It will be especially of value to employees in the: paint, ink, plastics, surface coatings and graphic arts industries.

The course offers the ideal opportunity for newcomers to the colour producing and colour using industries to gain a thorough understanding of the subject. The course will also prove beneficial to staff who already have some experience of colour control and wish to obtain a wider understanding of the subject.


Dr Jim Nobbs – Senior Lecturer-Colour Science, University of Leeds.


PRA, Hampton, Middlesex, UK (Half an hour from Londonís Heathrow Airport)

Dates and Prices

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Prices are per delegate and include all course materials, tea, coffee and a light lunch. VAT – payable at 20% – and accommodation are not included.

The course runs from 09:30 to approximately 17:00 on the first day and from 09:00 to approximately 16:00 on the second day.


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