Radiation Curing Technology


  • Introduction to Radcure Technology
  • Principles of EB and UV Curing
  • Radcure Markets, Market Drivers and Predictions
  • Application of Radcure Products
  • Aspects of Cure in Thin Films
  • Raw Material Selection & Formulation Principles
  • Photoinitiators
  • Monomers / Oligomers
  • Specialist Radcure Systems including Cationic Systems
  • Interpretation of Cure & Cure Assessment
  • Curing Equipment for the Laboratory and Factory
  • UV Sources including Mercury Lamps & UV Diode Emitters
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Special Topics including Photoimaging, Stereolithography, UV Curable Adhesives
  • Health & Safety Aspects

The course also includes a practical demonstration of UV curing and time for discussion of topics of special interest to delegates.


This three day intensive course provides a firm foundation in the chemistry, physics, formulation principles and applications of ultraviolet and electron beam technologies.

The course, which embraces all aspects of radiation curing in surface coatings and other specialist areas, is intended for both newcomers and more experienced personnel from companies involved in or intending to become involved in radiation curing technology - formulators, raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and end users.


To gain maximum benefit from this course, delegates should have a knowledge of chemistry to at least university entrance standard. However, attendees with a general interest in the production and marketing of radcure coatings have also found the course beneficial.


Prof. Stephen Davidson – Formerly Professor of Applied Chemistry University of Kent
Dr Richard Holman – Consultant in Radcure and Inks


PRA, Pera Business Park, Melton Mowbray, UK

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The course runs from 9:30 to approximately 17:00 on the first day, from 09:00 to approximately 17:15 on the second day and from 09:00 to approximately 15:30 on the final day.


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