Independent Testing


Our UK based laboratory conducts a wide range of BS, ISO, ASTM and DIN tests. It is accredited to ISO 17025 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). A list of all the tests for which we are UKAS accredited is available.

Scrolling down this page will reveal links to over 50 additional pages each of which describes a test that we can undertake. These additional pages summarise the test methods and give details of our sample requirements.

Test Methods

The test methods described on this page can be classified into two categories:-

If you wish us to test architectural coatings, please visit our Paint Performance Testing page. Here you will find suites of tests for the different classes of coatings used on buildings. Cost and time scale information is included.

One area where we have particular expertise is the evaluation of raw materials used in paint or resin manufacture. We normally incorporate the raw material into an appropriate paint or resin and then test the product. A similar product, made using a conventional raw material, serves as a control. Test work of this nature is of particular interest to those who wish to establish whether the surface coatings industry could present a potential marketing opportunity. Details of our services can be found on our Formulation Advice page.

Evaluating surface coatings for their resistance to microbial attack forms an important part of our work and we have particular experience in testing coatings for resistance to in-can spoilage and fungal or algal growth on applied coatings. Our Microbiology Laboratory undertakes tests on a wide range of decorative and industrial coatings and has particular expertise in the development and evaluation of hygienic coatings.

Our equipment includes:-

  • Controlled Atmosphere Rooms and Chambers
  • Accelerated Weathering Equipment
  • Exterior Exposure Sites
  • Exposure Test Cabinets
  • Viscometers
  • Equipment to measure
    • Abrasion Resistance
    • Adhesion
    • Cracking
    • Drying Time
    • Film Thickness
    • Hardness
    • Impact Resistance
    • Scrub Resistance
    • Water Permeability
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