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Global Architectural Coatings Markets

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Following the success of its previous two Irfab multi-client studies and in response to customer feedback, PRA has produced Global Architectural Coatings Markets. Together with Global Industrial Coatings Markets, the study provides a complete picture of the global coatings markets.

The report draws on a wealth of market data together with insight from interviews with the industry’s leading participants. It will provide you with vital information on both markets and technologies when formulating strategies, and help you identify potential opportunities and threats.

Report Structure

Global Architectural Coatings Markets is organised in modules. Twenty modules cover five market segments in each of four regions. Two more – Technology and Economic Data – provide market context and are included in all subscriptions. You can choose the combination of modules that best suits your business needs.

Module Selection and Pricing

Modules are priced with a sliding scale of discounts that rises to over 40% for subscribers to the complete study. PRA Members receive a further discount.

To see the price for your combination of modules, select them in the grid below. (Hint: to select whole rows or columns click on the labels.)

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The full global Executive Summary will be supplied to subscribers to 18 or more modules. ‘Technology’ and ‘Economic Data’ are included in all orders Executive Summary Technology Economic Data

To Subscribe

Select the modules you are interested in (above) and follow this link to our contact form (your selection will be copied to the form). We will issue a formal proposal.

Scope and Methodology

The study provides comprehensive analysis, historic and forecast data for Architectural Coatings. It discusses market drivers of demand, technology trends by segment and by region that are likely to influence market growth and technology development over the next five to ten years. The report gives market sizes — by volume, value and technology shares — in the defined segments and regions.

  • The study includes data from the period 2007–2011 to reflect recent developments
  • Forecasts are provided for 2012–2017 with outlooks to 2022 indicating opportunities, potential challenges, key growth markets and technologies
  • Commentary and analysis on trends and their underlying causes are given, including:
    • Changes in the distribution network for DIY and Trade
    • Raw materials — binders, pigments and key additives — as a result of supply capabilities, cost reduction incentives, REACH, etc.
    • The effect of regulations on technology
  • The study is complemented by a summary of the key economic indicators that describe market dynamics, construction trends and economic conditions that influence the market for architectural coatings

The information has been obtained through interviews with a wide range of paint, raw material and equipment suppliers; from multi-national organisations to regional and local, small to medium sized companies. These direct discussions are supported by in-depth secondary research to gather data on economic and industry activity. In this way a balanced picture has been obtained that reflects the concerns and aspirations of a broad section of the coatings industry, and how they relate to other factors that drive growth and technical evolution of the Architectural Coatings market.

The study does not include fillers, thinners, cleaning products, wood oils, preservative treatments, damp proofing treatments, stabilisers, waxes, dry-mix plasters and bituminous products.

Market Segments

  • Decorative and Functional Interior Wall Coatings
    • Decorative coatings for walls and ceilings
    • Specialist and functional coatings for example hygienic, anti-allergenic, flame retardant
  • Decorative and Functional Exterior Wall Coatings
    • Masonry paints
    • Coatings for Exterior Wall Insulation, ETICS, EIFS
    • Functional coatings for example anti-carbonation
  • Liquid Applied Floor Coatings
    • Coatings for residential, commercial and industrial concrete floors
    • Coatings for car parks and bridge decks
  • Liquid Applied Roof Coatings
    • Coatings for flat and low pitch roofs
    • Liquid membranes for example waterproofing and Cool Roof systems
  • Architectural Coatings for Wood
    Site applied paints, stains and varnishes for:
    • Interior and exterior trim, window frames, doors and furniture
    • Exterior timber cladding
    • Parquet and sports flooring
    • Intumescent and flame retardant systems

Overview and Market Context

  • Executive Summary
  • Technology
  • Economic Data


  • Europe
    • Western Europe – EU 15 plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland
    • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) – including the Baltic states
    • Russia and the CIS – including Ukraine and the Central Asian republics
  • Middle East and Africa
    • Gulf states – Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) plus Yemen
    • Turkey
    • Levant (Bilād ash-Shām) – including Israel and Iraq
    • North Africa – including Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco
    • Sub-Saharan Africa (with a focus on the Republic of South Africa)
  • Americas
    • North America – USA, Canada and Mexico (NAFTA)
    • South America (with focus on Brazil, Argentina and Chile)
  • Asia Pacific
    • South Asia – including Iran, India Pakistan
    • South East Asia – including Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines
    • East Asia – China, Japan, Korea
    • Australasia – Australia, New Zealand


The study is available online, and will available as downloadable PDF documents (one per module) and printed (in preparation). One printed copy will be included with each order, more copies can be ordered at an additional cost (TBA).

More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Irfab Team.

The Team

PRA’s Irfab team comprises coatings professionals from the resins, additives, pigments, paint and coatings industries with specific expertise in the architectural coatings field. In conducting its work the team has the access to our international network of consultants, the comprehensive database of coatings markets around the world and our exhaustive library of product literature and company information.

The highly regarded Irfab reports have been produced for over 30 years, specializing in market assessment and long-term technology forecasting in the paint, coatings and related raw materials markets.