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Market Insight

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PRA’s Irfab™ team provides Market Insight through its Multi-client Studies and Single-client projects.

For more than 40 years, Irfab has produced highly regarded reports specialising in market assessment and long-term technology forecasting in the paint, coatings and related raw materials markets. Irfab’s long established reputation for quality is unmatched in terms of depth, accuracy, consistency and reliability.

Multi-client Studies

Irfab Multi-client Studies provide in-depth analysis of the architectural and industrial coatings sectors. Irfab studies are available in modules which allows subscribers to select the combination which best suits their business needs.

Latest Reports

NEW: Global Industrial Coatings Markets (3rd Edition). In response to customer feedback, Irfab are preparing a new edition of this successful multi-client which covers coatings over thirteen industry sectors. This study is open to subscribers for pre-ordering.

Global Architectural Coatings Markets. Building on the earlier Specialist and Function Architectural Coatings Market 2008–2018 for Europe and the Middle East, “GACM” provides a thorough analysis of the global architectural coatings market by five coatings sectors and four regions.

Between them these studies provide in-depth analysis of over 95% of the global coatings market.

Single-client Projects

Irfab works with individual clients to support strategy initiatives, new product launches and M&A activities. See Single-client Studies for more details, examples and case studies.

Literature and Patent Search

PRA can perform searches to reveal opportunities and threats in new product development. See Literature and Patent Search for more details.