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Globally Recognised Independent Coatings Experts

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Technical Services from PRA

Independent analysis, testing & certification

Our extensive range of Technical Services include: Analysis, Independent Testing, Accreditation and Calibrated Viscosity Oils.

Independent Testing

Our globally recognised Independent Testing Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and a list of UKAS accredited tests is available.

We will advise clients about selecting the most appropriate test methods, or assist them in developing custom methods. Our testing page gives more information about the services available, with links to details on more than more than 90 individual tests available from PRA.

We are able to assist raw material suppliers by incorporating their products into paints prior to testing and we have in-depth expertise in all matters related to colour matching.

EU and Nordic Ecolabel Accreditation

PRA is an approved laboratory for testing compliance with the European Union Ecolabel and the Nordic EcoLabel schemes.

As well as carrying out the necessary tests, we can prepare a dossier for you or check your own dossier.

PRA-MPI Approval

PRA and the Master Painters Institute have teamed up to establish a performance-based approval scheme ‘qualified products list’ for architectural paints and coatings in Europe and the Middle East.

PRA now offers the MPI approval scheme in Europe and the Middle East and is ready to carry out the performance testing required.


We offer a complete Analytical Service ranging from determination of resin type found in a paint flake to a full quantitative analysis of a liquid paint.

We have expertise in identifying the causes of defects in surface coatings which may be due to the inclusion of fibres or particles or to contamination of the substrate prior to painting.

Viscosity Calibration

We supply a range of viscosity oils for calibration of flow cups and viscometers. All our oils come with a calibration certificate.