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Professional Paint Formulation

This course provides an overview of the many factors involved in developing commercial liquid formulations. Participants are also shown how to locate sources of raw material information and to use formulating spreadsheets and databases for creating formulating templates and calculating paint constants.

Designed for suppliers of raw materials, formulators and production personnel.


What is Formulation?

  • The formulator's role
  • Formulation protocols
  • Operational factors
  • Formulation and marketing

SHE Factors

  • Impact of legislation on formulation
  • VOC issues

Formula Calculations

The Formulation as a Mixture

  • Mixture theory
  • Contour plotting, formula visualisation

Pigment/Binder Relationships

  • Definition of P.B, PVC, CPVC
  • Formulating above & below the CPVC
  • Influence of PVC on optical & mechanical properties

Generic Coatings & Technologies

  • Coating classification, by function, market, technology etc.
  • Coating technologies

Key Properties and Physical Constants of Raw Materials

  • Pigments
  • Inorganic & organic
  • White & coloured
  • Extender pigments
  • Special effects
  • Binders (by technology)
  • Solvents
  • Additives
  • Property enhancement vs problem solving

Knowledge Management & Sources of Information

  • Databases & supplier information
  • Internal sources
  • PRA library resources
  • Formulating tools
  • Experimental design
  • Expert systems
  • Commercial software

Spreadsheets in Formulation

  • How to set up a database
  • Basic formulation templates
  • Paint calculations
  • Options for development & integration

Formulation for End Use

  • Influence of the substrate
  • Functional requirements analysis
  • Project management issues

Decorative Paint Formulation

  • Building paints
  • Interior vs exterior
  • Matt, gloss and silk paints
  • Wood, masonry & metal tinting systems

Industrial Paint Formulation

  • General industrial
  • Car paints-OEM & refinish
  • Wood-joinery, flooring
  • Furniture
  • Coil coating
  • Marine & HDC
  • AeroSpace

Scale Up & Paint Manufacture

  • Principles of dispersion
  • Paint making equipment-value analysis
  • Scale up procedures


Formulation involves defining customer needs and translating them into a formulation that will deliver the right balance of properties at an acceptable cost. There is seldom a single solution to a formulation requirement, and different technologies offer alternative solutions, which must be judged in the light of operational, environmental, and other considerations.

Formulation may also be defined as the science and technology of producing a mixture of two or more components with more than one conflicting measure of product quality. It therefore requires some understanding of the functional properties of the building blocks, i.e. raw materials, and the science of mixtures.

IT plays a key role in modern paint making and there will be an overview of the operational implications including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Participants will use formulating spreadsheets and databases for creating formulation templates and calculating paint constants.

The course demonstrates different sources of information including the Internet. Information on raw materials (Pigments, Binders, Solvents and Additives) will be illustrated with selected commercially available materials.

Who Should Attend

This course will be particularly useful to suppliers of raw materials formulators and production personnel. To gain maximum benefit from this course attendees should have some practical exposure to paint making, and be comfortable with basic scientific concepts.


Mr Jon Graystone – Principal Research Scientist, PRA


PRA, Melton Mowbray, UK

Dates and Prices

12–13 April 2016
£ 944.00PRA Members: £ 833.00

The course runs from 09:30 to approximately 17:30 on the first day and from 09:00 to approximately 17:00 on the second day.


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